Appraisal  & Valuation

Appraisal and Valuation

Ioffer an independent, neutral and professional consultation on East Asian art and antiques for museums, private clients, traders and auctioneers. My expertise correlates to the needs of courts, laywers, insurance and public authorities alike. In many cases, this expertise is used to supplement private information in order to facilitate sales, inheritance and donations.

Every project is personally and reliably carried out by myself and my statements are based on the latest international advancements in research, science and market conditions. I analyze pieces regarding their condition, meaning and value. The various steps are as follows:
  • Initial assessment based on your photographs
  • On-site findings
  • Identification of the object and determination of its age; clarifying the origin; checking if genuine or a fake
  • Scientific evaluation of the art work in terms of art heritage and cultural history
  • Written documentation (certificate of authenticity, expert report, or catalogue)
  • In line with the market

As experience shows that each case is unique, appraisals, valuations, research, as well as written documentation will be charged at an hourly rate.